Head Coach & Food Boss:  David

David - The Boss and Food Boss - Big eating, big lifting and as passionate as they come about getting people stronger and healthier, both in body and mind. Having battled back from the darkness of obesity, I have transformed myself and my life into an inspirational example of what can be achieved with hard work, consistency and the outright determination to be better.  

As a competitive amateur Powerlifter, Sports Nutritionist, Sponsored Athlete and all round strength enthusiast, I'm continually learning, experimenting and practicing to make myself and my clients that much better. 


Why Work With DCSN?


There is no one size fits all approach. Whilst the basics will always remain the same, the variables that need to be applied will differ with each individual. Because of this approach you'll achieve results faster and safer, which will make you enjoy the process that much more.

Whatever your goals, DCSN can help you exceed your expectations. If you are ready to commit and put in the hard graft, we will go above and beyond to help you.

Just like your training, your nutrition needs to be based on your individual requirements and goals. On top of this it should be ever evolving with your training and your lifestyle.

We work with a flexible approach to nutrition whereby you track your Carbs, Protein and Fats on a daily basis to optimise your body composition.

It's not only the most effective style of nutrition management we've ever worked with, but the most flexible and educational too.

Coach:  Julia

Julia - I come from a place where many girls and women do, wanting to improve their bodies
and health in order to gain confidence
. I tried to do things with very little knowledge and that got
me stuck in a vicious cycle of fad dieting.
I decided it was enough and furthered my education and knowledge (and continue to) on training and
nutrition, to help prevent other girls and women from going down the same road as me. It can be an
incredibly difficult and damaging road if you don’t have the correct knowledge on how to exercise,
train and eat optimally for your goals and long term happiness and lifestyle sustainability.
I also have the incredible experience of competing under my belt. A highlight of my fitness journey thus far